About Pink Box

On average a woman will buy more than 7000 pads in her lifetime which means in past 4 years I have been to a store 112 times to buy sanitary pads, spending a total of 5040 hours in choosing the right brand all the time receiving awkward stares from all the males at the store.

Girls have so much to do whether they work at home or work at an office, as we are the supporting and nurturing end of the human species. From minor house chores to raising kids, feeding families, catering to need of spouses and dealing with social pressures, the last thing we want is an annoying experience for buying sanitary pads at a store. You have got so much to do and being a lady, I realize all that, which is why I want to take care of at least one responsibility for you. I will make sure you never have to face the awkwardness and make that time of the month hassle free for you by delivering you your desired brand and product every month at your doorstep.We can’t change biology but at least we can enjoy it. Next time when that time of month hits you, be sure to give me a call, receive your package, sit back and enjoy. Let’s take the frustration out of our periods.P.s if you experience mood swings, cramps or the urge to gossip all feminine stuff, don’t hesitate to get in touch. contact us

Pink Box is a feminine hygiene delivery service that offers monthly period boxes subscription led, run and operational only for women. In our limited lives, we depend so much on men so this is an initiative to support all Girl’s world. The entire process does not involve any male figure. The product will be packaged, ordered and delivered to you by a girl-someone who shares the same biological and social struggles as you. We are all different in many ways but our passion is the same, if you feel like women of this country need more empowerment and control, join me to reshape our social and economic standings.

Why Pink Box

It’s a monthly thing

Since we have been entitled with this physical procedure every month, I want to make sure each month you get what you need the most at the right time in a cute discreet packaging. Sometimes you feel irritated of the fact that it hits you every month and you are not alone, more than half the population of the world shares the same feeling as you. BUT…. Now, you can choose to avoid the hassle and awkward situation at the stores. The world is changing, we order designer suits, kid’s stuff and electronics all the time from daraz, kaymu and other stores in Pakistan, so why not pads? I would personally love if someone delivered a package specifically for me each month to make my days less worrisome. It feels like someone out there understands your struggle and wants to help.

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