Want to Be Special?

Nobody is born special, but we become so by doing ordinary things in a special way.

Become special for someone by making their lives significantly easier. The company aims to empower women of Pakistan so all the staff we hire for the packaging, campaigns and even delivery are all deserving females from different areas of Pakistan. You already have to buy these products every month so why not buy them in a little different way so that we can help someone who shares the same biological and social pressures like us.

When you do good, you feel good. Life has blessed us in so many ways so why not give back a little something each month to make another life on this planet better.

Since this is a startup I have just included the sanitary pads delivery in the monthly box but if you like and if I see a warm response I have girls who make splendid hand woven stuff and work hard to support their families and sell their talent way short than what they deserve. We can include those items at a later stage so that we can help as much woman and make this country a better yet stronger one.

If you like to see who these girls are that you are supporting, you can meet them in person, talk to them and share some of life’s pleasure with them. Contact me at dania@pinkbox.pk to change a life and bring a smile.

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